It was a busy weekend with 5 of our runners in the Paris Marathon, 9 in the Brighton Marathon and 4 in the Brighton Marathon 10k.  Running Paris were Tanya Edmondson 4hrs 26.49
Peter Wilkes 5hrs 00.56, Judith Pyett 5hrs 33.06, Steve Ward 5hrs 52.33, Kathy Gore 6hrs 35.21.  In the Brighton Marathon, Richard Coates 3hrs 58.58, Tara Johnson 3hrs 59.19, Jamie Tyler 4hrs 09.09, Stewart Gasson 4hrs 32.57, Jamie Fox 4hrs 49.52, Jason Remington 4hrs 14.43, Laura Grove 4hrs 32.47 and Andy Taylor 6hrs 54.48.  And in the Birhgont Marathon 10k Nicole Douglas 59.20, Rebecca Holden 1hr 03.47, Jan Groom 1hr 06.00, Dayle Bryant 1hr 06.01.