We have two Beginners/Joggers groups (which are both registered with Run England):

Monday 9.30am (term time only) lead by Dayle 
Thursday 7.30pm (all year) lead by Emma 

Both groups meet at outside Reception at Freedom Leisure, Downsview Crescent Uckfield TN22 1UB. You first week is free after that there is a small charge of £1 per week.

The Thursday evening group was started on Thursday 7 February 2013 and the Monday group on 9 September 2014. Both groups have continued to attract good numbers with typically 25 to 30 runners each week for the Thursday group and about 10 for the Monday Morning Group.

The Thursday Group is lead by Emma Hyland and the Monday Group by Dayle Bryant who have both completed the Run England Leadership in Running Fitness Course. This is a course specifically aimed at training non runners/beginners. Emma and Dayle are assisted by other runners in the club.

Both Groups are registered with run England. Run England is the official England Athletics recreational running project aimed at getting more people running regardless of age, fitness level or aspiration.

The sessions cater for absolute beginners to those that can do say 3 or 4 miles jogging. The aim for non runners and beginners is to assist you in reaching a level where you can jog non stop for 45 minutes. This is a reasonable level of fitness and a level of which you would be able to join the Main group but are welcome to remain in the Beginners/Joggers group. Emma and Dayle are supported by other runners from the club which enable to the group to be split to cater for differing levels so that those which with to maintain a steady jog are not held back whilst absolute beginners are not put under pressure to do more than they want.

As a general guidance if you can jog for 45 minutes without stopping you then you will be fine to join the slower runners in the Main group that meets on Tuesday. If you are an absolute beginner or are at the stage of jogging for less than 45 minutes then we recommend you join the Beginners/Joggers group. If you are not sure feel we recommend you come along to the Beginners/Joggers group and if you are already at the level where the Main group might be more appropriate we will advise you accordingly. 

As you get fitter as to whether you wish to remain in the Beginners/Joggers group or move across to the main group depends on your personal fitness aims. The improvers section of the beginners group will enable you to maintain a good basic level of fitness and if this will meet your aims then you are welcome to continue in the Beginners/Joggers group. If however you are interested in running further, for example to enter a 10k race, or a bit faster the Main group will help you develop further. The slower runners in the main group will run about the same pace as the improvers but will run further: 4 or 5 miles: it is more about keeping going rather than running quicker. The main group includes a wide range of abilities so you can progress as appropriate.

The Beginners/Joggers groups meet each Thursday evening at 7.30pm and Monday Mornings 9.30am (term time only) at Freedom Leisure, Downsview Crescent, Uckfield, TN22 1UB.There is a small charge is £1 per week.

Runners in the main group pay an annual fee of £20 which includes their English Athletics race licence (which gives a discount of £2 on races) and also allows discounts at certain sports shops and our annual Christmas meal. For Beginners/Joggers becoming a full member is optional: if you are interested in doing some races (even if you are not of a competitive nature they can be a lot of fun) you may wish to consider joining.

There was a write up of our beginners group on the Run England Website: click here to view.

If you are interested in joining the beginners group please contact us at the email below.

Emma Hyland and Laura Grove completed the Sight Loss Awarness Guide Running guide course in July 16.

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Poor excuses not to run

This is a summary of points from the Running Bug website:

We’re used to hearing why you can’t run, but the truth is, there's no excuse! Here we discuss the five most common excuses that shouldn't stop you running.

  1. "I’m too fat." Whilst being overweight does make it harder to run there’s no reason not to follow a walk-run programme, which is what we do for complete beginner in the Beginners would, which will get you started on weigh tloss and get you in shape for running. And on the plus side, the more weight you carry, the more calories you’ll be burning!
  2. "It’ll hurt my knees." As a runner it’s one of those crosses we have to bear…Listening to non-running unfit people tell you: ‘Oh no, not for me. It’s bad for the knees’. It’s not! A longitudinal study that started in 1997 set out to evaluate the long-term damage to the knee joints of recreational long-distance runners. Ten years after their first knee scan the runners were found to have no damage whatsoever to their knees. Other studies have reached the same conclusion. However if you have existing issues with problems with your knees check we recommend you check with your doctor before starting running.
  3. "I’m not good enough." The Beginners group is intended for non runners to occasional joggers so this is no excuse. And the sooner you get used to putting yourself on the line, the quicker you’ll get running results!
  4. "I haven’t got enough money." Some will think that somehow money prevents them from running. Running isn’t expensive. Whilst the running bug says you can go out barefoot on the grass, this is true but not always practical! However whilst we do recommend you buy proper running shoes and a top of the range shoe may cost over £100 if you shop around you can find perfectly good running shoes from reputable manufacturers for under £50. What counts with running shoes is comfort not gadgets. You can typically expect a pair of running shoes to last 600 to 800 miles so they will last you a while. The Beginners group is only £1 per week: and if you wish to become a member of the main Uckfield Runners it is only £20 per year: won't break the bank.
  5. "I haven’t got the time." We all have one thing in common. We all have the same number of hours in a day. Using time as an excuse not to run is just bad time management. If you’re really short on time, just plan better. Running is actually very efficient in terms of calaries per minute: no standing around waiting for fitness machines, or for the ball to come your way. And unlike a cycle you cannot coast down the hills (jogging burns more than twice the calaries per minute of leisure cycling). Where there’s a will…!

Click here for original write up

So no excuses if you are not already a runner come along and join our beginners group.